A Guide to Successful Internet Dating for Men and Women
written by Mark E. Gibson 2017

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If you’re a man or woman who is eager to have more fun, adventure, intimacy, and love in your life, please know that I wrote this Guide for you!

When you apply the unique strategy that I explain here, you’ll be making the best possible application of your limited time, money, and emotional energy to attract the RIGHT companion or lover for you. In this 124-page Guide you’ll find specific proven advice on how to amp up your sex appeal by leveraging your newly created online dating WOW! factor: When someone is looking at your distinctive online profile, you want them to lean into their computer screen and say, “Oh Wow! Look at this!”


Here’s an abbreviated Table of Contents with some of the important topics I cover in this unique Guide:

  • Online Dating Pros and Cons
    • Advantages of Online Dating
    • Disadvantages of Online Dating
  • “Make It Happen Now!” Personalized Connecting Plan
    • From Intellectual to Heart-Based
    • Have Some Fun!
    • Choosing a Username and Headline
    • Comparison of Some Sites
    • Automated Searches
    • Original Searches
  • Creating Your Profile
    • Keeping Your Integrity
    • Your Profile Essay
    • Some Sample Profile Essays
    • Sample Outreach Message
    • “The Icebreaker”
  • Sample Response Message
  • Non-Template Messages
  • Maximize Your “Kissability…with great photos
  • Winning The Numbers Game
    • How long do you want to wait?
    • Easier for men, harder for women
  • Busting Through Your Imagined Barriers
  • Oops, Did I Say “Sex”?
  • Follow Through to the First Date
  • Important Concepts
  • Deal Breakers
    • Avoiding Burnout
    • Why do I get so Few Replies?
    • Getting from the First Contact to the First Date
    • Long Distance Calling
    • Protecting Your Safety and Security
    • Defining Your Success
  •  Appendices
    • Appendix One – Provocative Words List
    • Appendix Two – Lifestyle Words List
    • Resources

Excerpts from the Guide

“You’re far better off doing a terrific job on your profile that generates lots of contacts back to you than doing a quick but crumby job that gives you disappointing returns.”

“Its not the ‘Nos’ that count, its the ‘Yeses’ that do!”

“In this target rich environment of eager single people, it’s not difficult to hit multiple bulls’ eyes if you know how to take proper aim.”

“Ladies, here’s what you need to do …”

“But men, be advised, you’re going to have to exert yourself well beyond your normal tendency if you want to produce repetitive successes in online dating. Most slackers just won’t get the results they aspire to. Research also has shown…”

“I believe that the best investments a person can make are with issues that can make lasting improvements in the quality of their life.”

“If you want quality results (your ideal mate), you must put in quality efforts and contents.”

“Always display your desirability by expressing your enthusiasm for living a life that is full of fun, energy, affection, health, sharing, creativity, and adventure!”

Step by step, this Guide is all about showing you how to beautifully present your best attributes and the attributes you want in your partner. Put my proven techniques to work for you now, not later, and start to enjoy the new, cherished love connections that are waiting for you!

Praise for “How to Find Love Through Online Dating” (techniques and inspiration)

“Coach Mark is a huge inspiration for me. In our meetings he showed me how I can greatly improve my profile so that more of the kind of men I want to meet respond to what I have posted online. Mark also helped me to understand the differences between three of the sites I’m interested in using. I especially appreciate his scope of knowledge and his eagerness to share his energy for helping people find love online. He’s always there when I need him!”

-Shirley D., medical lab technician

“Mark diligently worked wonders on my Match.com listing. Right after he groomed my profile, I enjoyed a conspicuous increase in the number of positive new responses I received from quality men who really took time to carefully read it. Thanks, Mark.”

-Lotus W., energy worker

“Mark’s ‘Make it Happen Now!’ Plan showed me how to identify and remove the roadblocks I had placed in my own path towards success. Mark’s direction, encouragement and enthusiasm energized me to develop a clear, authentic vision and the confidence to connect with potential life-partners.

“When I began on-line dating I met/dated one person in 7 months. Then gave up. With the tools and guidance Mark provides in his book, in less than 2 months I’ve had 3 in- person dates, with more to come and real, productive communications with 2 others which very likely will move to meeting in-person soon. I feel empowered, positive and rather on fire!”

-Marlene S., caregiver

“I’ve been on and off again with online dating for a lot of years. Last summer, when I attended a presentation on “Tips for Successful Online Dating” by Mark Gibson, I realized why it wasn’t working so well for me. Now, with Mark’s vision and direction, I’m seeing a whole lot more activity than I ever have. He re-wrote my profile, took great photos of me (I live near him), suggested better dating sites to me, and taught me how to think and write better about myself. We went online together and groomed all of my info so that now I’m enjoying a much more attractive online presence (we nearly doubled the number of women I see in search returns on GreenSingles). Now I’m even looking into singles’ cruises in the Caribbean. Thank you, Mark, for my juiced-up motivation!”

-Chris S., contractor

PDF Digital Version


Paperback Version