Praise for Mark E. Gibson, MA
Certified Life Coach

“Coach Mark is a huge inspiration for me. In our meetings he showed me how I can greatly improve my profile so that more of the kind of men I want to meet respond to what I have posted online. Mark also helped me to understand the differences between three of the sites I’m interested in using. I especially appreciate his scope of knowledge and his eagerness to share his energy for helping people find love online. He’s always there when I need him!”

Shirley D.
Medical Lab Technician


“When I began on-line dating I met/dated one person in 7 months. Then gave up. With the tools and guidance Mark provides in his book, in less than 2 months I’ve had 3 in- person dates, with more to come and real, productive communications with 2 others which very likely will move to meeting in-person soon. I feel empowered, positive and rather on fire!”

Marlene S.


“Mark diligently worked wonders on my listing. Right after he groomed my profile, I enjoyed a conspicuous increase in the number of positive new responses I received from quality men who really took time to carefully read it. Thanks, Mark.”

Lotus W.
Energy Worker


“I’ve been on and off again with online dating for a lot of years. Last summer, when I attended a presentation on “Tips for Successful Online Dating” by Mark Gibson, I realized why it wasn’t working so well for me. Now, with Mark’s vision and direction, I’m seeing a whole lot more activity than I ever have. He re-wrote my profile, took great photos of me (I live near him), suggested better dating sites to me, and taught me how to think and write better about myself. We went online together and groomed all of my info so that now I’m enjoying a much more attractive online presence (we nearly doubled the number of women I see in search returns on GreenSingles). Now I’m even looking into singles’ cruises in the Caribbean. Thank you, Mark, for my juiced-up motivation!”

Chris S.


“Oriental wisdom suggests that ‘When the time is right, the teacher will appear’. The time was right for me and Mark appeared.”

Shery L.


“What I especially appreciate about Mark is that he clearly practices what he preaches. His suggestions and insights could only occur if he had “done the work” himself. Mark is clearly results oriented. He is helping me see where “I might have given up” and then inspires me to take on the challenge once again. Mark is a professional with high integrity – a sensitive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and insightful man. I am very grateful to be working with him on a weekly basis.”

Richard G.
Executive Coach

Two Samples of Profile Essays that I have Re-Written:

Sample 1: OrganicFarmerNSW

Original profile essay:

“Describe yourself (personality, attitude, passions, beliefs):

hi moved out of the city five years ago to build my dream of a self sufficient farm well on my way now .have everything i need plus more just no one to share the journey. with. have a lot of how to knowledge eg wielding ,woodwork, gardening plus more very practical so making the transition from city to country hasn’t been that hard. i am a kind hearted person looking for a kind hearted awake female. My farm is located near the town of dorrigo nsw surrounded by beautiful rain/hardwood forest i have a huge vegi garden, very friendly animals ,many fruit trees, very good water and am very thankful to be here. I love gardening and animals of all kinds. Although i am an healthy omnivore and can cook quite well i would love too meet a partner that could teach me more about the vegetarian diet and start heading towards that . I don’t feel the need to get too deep into my spiritual beliefs right now although i have seen a lot of great things said that i agree with written by others on this site .

Describe the type of person you’d like to meet:

. someone that either has done a lot of research to whats really going on or just instinctively knows.
someone who thinks self sufficiency is small though important part of our spiritual path .someone with a free mind but most of all someone with a beautiful heart and soul that you can feel permeate were ever they are .when ever you think of them you close your eyes sigh and smile ,that’s enough you get it.

What should a great date consist of?

life is the date if life stops being the date your not with the right one

What kind of pets do you have? (Names)?

I have 20 cows and ten chickens they are all my pets they all come running when called

Do you have spare cottage with fireplace for like minded people to stay in on your farm?

yes im glad you asked that question what i coincidence i actually do have a cottage like that for people who want to grow their own food and share this beautiful lifestyle the right people should have some level of awakness want to help grow our own food”


Re-written profile essay:

Describe yourself (personality, attitude, passions, beliefs):

Its been five glorious years since I left “the city” to build my dream self-sufficient farm near the town of Dorrigo, NSW. Here I tend a huge vegetable garden (with many fruit trees) and lovingly care for my very friendly animals. We are embraced in a beautiful hardwood rain forest and nourished by very good water. I would love to share my farm with an “earthy” woman who could teach me more about, among other things, vegetarian diets. I am spiritual (not religious), and I believe in some sense that we are all One. An important philosophy for me: keep things simple – the less stress, the better. Life’s too short to be bogged down worrying about things you can’t control.

Describe the type of person you’d like to meet:

A “country girl” for sure who enriches herself with touching plants and animals with love and care while she can enjoy great satisfaction from deep interpersonal sharing with a conscious hardworking man. I would like to meet an “awake” woman who is self-assured but not self-absorbed, curious, optimistic, old enough but still young, kind, witty and wise. A woman with vision who thinks self-sufficiency is an important part of our spiritual path.

What should a great date consist of?

A great date would be us collecting fresh vegetables from my garden, firing up the BBQ for some farm grown steaks, and sipping a nice red wine with dinner on the patio facing the evening sky. Later we’ll have a fire in the fire ring while we read goofy poetry to each other and laugh the evening away. I’ll give you an appreciative peck on the cheek to let you know how happy I am that you are here. I still believe in true love, so I am willing to wait until the right woman comes along.

Do you have spare cottage with fireplace for like-minded people to stay in on your farm?

Yes, in fact, my cottage is available to anyone who wants their privacy while they pursue their own lifestyle in sustainable farming on this fertile, nurturing location.

Sample 2: LonelyAuntie1976

Original profile essay:

“Since my husband died in a car wreck three years ago I’ve been lonely. I still have three cats but they aren’t that much fun anymore. Cards, movies, driving my car, people watching, shopping, city stuff, evening drinks are fun for me. My garden grows up every year. I like to see new places, but only by car (no trains or planes). A man would be nice who can fix stuff around my house. My friends say I’m cute and lovable. I think so.”

Re-Written profile essay (which incorporates additional information supplied to me by the client):

LadyJasmine (new user name)

“The next chapter in my life will be full of compassion, sharing, travel, and affection with a conscious, sensitive gentleman. He enjoys travel by car and gardening to grow colorful flowers and vegetables that we can eat. Since my husband passed away three years ago, I’ve had a tough time keeping my house up, so I sure would show my appreciation for a guy with handyman skills by cooking him some fabulous Italian dinners (don’t worry, I can do breakfast and lunch too!).

Socially I enjoy cards (I’ve got a great poker face), people watching during shopping trips to “the city” (I live in a semi-rural community), professional basketball games (those guys are really, really tall!), and volunteering at the local homeless shelter.

My romantic goal is to share my life with a calm and positive “benevolent warrior” who is easy to be with, monogamous, and kind and respectful to all. A mindful man who lives life with purpose, and is emotionally and financially stable. Could you be my “rock” and also my soft place to fall?

Me? Romantic, silly, still learning, tidy, calm, curious, great cook, fun, submissive with the right one, and a take-charge lady when I feel the need!

If you’re a “benevolent warrior”, I will definitely respond to you …”

Three additional “Love and Life” resources I offer to you at no cost:

“Living Unconditional Love”

A Practical Self-Help Workbook for Nurturing Your Personal Empowerment and Unity with Mankind.
Written by Mark E. Gibson, CLC
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“The Answer is Unconditional Love”

Five simple techniques for boosting your happiness through living unconditional love.
YouTube interview of Mark E. Gibson by John McComb

“Wish You Were Here!”

An Exploration to Help You Increase Your Enjoyment of Relaxation!
YouTube presentation by Mark E. Gibson, CLC

Sample Enhancing of Profile Photos

An essential part of you attracting new online partners is you looking healthy and attractive in a visually pleasing array of top quality photos. Using my photo editing skills, I can improve every photo that you send to me.

To your eye, who has a better WOW! factor that will attract more partners – the people on the left or the people on the right?

Once I have groomed every image in your portfolio, I dare to say that you will look the best you possibly can with the photos that you have posted. That’s when a viewer – your prospective e-Date – will lean into his or her computer and say,

“Oh wow, look at this!”

If you believe that your profile essay is exactly the way you want it, but your existing photos need some serious polishing, I can enhance every photo that you send to me by improving its color saturation, cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other photo qualities, for $20 per photo. Please contact me for directions.