My Coaching Services – Two Plans to Suit Your Needs and Budget

“Quick Profile Makeover”



If you want an easy spruce-up of your existing online profile, then this inexpensive plan is perfect for you:

  • Re-write your existing profile essays once to improve its grammar, sentence structure, idea flow, and sizzle.

  • Enhance your existing photos and advise you on additional photos that are needed to improve your “kissablity”.

  • Advice on optimizing other content in your profile, questionnaires, and responses.

  • Spend up to one hour in email/phone coaching on any topic where you want guidance.

Benefits of Me Coaching You

By following my coaching directions, you will learn how to attract new prospective partners by:

  • Greatly improving the odds of meeting “special people” after implementing your custom Make It Happen Now! Personalized Connecting Plan.
  • Making a great – alluring – first impression with your WOW! factor through provocative writing and high-quality photos.
  • Identifying and effectively communicating your interests, attributes, and visions for your shared future.
  • Minimizing counterproductive words, phrases, and concepts that could discourage a potential partner.
  • Stimulating prospective partners into responding positively to you.
  • Developing communications tracking continuity so that each person you have contact with knows that you are paying careful attention to them as a unique individual.
  • If you become discouraged or tempted to quit, I’ll be there to empower you towards your goal of finding new fulfilling love.


Then You Will Experience:

  • A notable increase in the number of new people you “meet” online who are well “aligned” with you.

  • Enhanced self-confidence with expanded self-knowledge.

  • Reduced fear of rejection and feelings of vulnerability.

  • More fun and adventure in your life.

  • Personal empowerment through success.

Hidden Benefit: “All of the new, forward-looking attitudes that you learn from me about online dating success will contribute to your happiness for the rest of your life.”

“Make it Happen Now!”

Personalized Connecting Plan



Money Back Guarantee!
I’m 100% confident that when you enroll in my Make It Happen Now! Personalized Connecting Plan, you will enjoy a wonderful increase in your online dating successes. However, if after you have followed all of my directions and you are not pleased with the results of our mutual efforts, then I will immediately refund the full amount you paid, and I will still continue to support you in your efforts to find new fulfilling love online.


In this coaching partnership we will craft your custom Personalized Connecting Plan that is exceptionally cost-effective for your time, money, and mental efforts aimed at bringing more new romance and happiness into your life. This includes direction and inspiration as we do a thorough job with:

  • Selecting the online dating site(s) that are the best for you.
  • Inventory of your most attractive attributes as well as the attributes you want in your partner.
  • Making a great splash with your WOW! factor by optimizing your well written profile essay and alluring photos that reveal your sex appeal.
  • Training you to successfully win The Numbers Game by becoming immune to the negative emotional impact of the inevitable yet inconsequential set-backs.
  • Guidance for you to strengthen your resilience so that you avoid the frustration that causes many people to quit online dating.
  • Enhancing your self-confidence, motivation, and clarity – all leading to you becoming authentic and “unstoppable”.


Here’s what you’ll get in this coaching partnership:

  • Live phone and email coaching up to three hours total, step-by-step guidance in the development and implementation of your custom “Make it Happen Now!” Personalized Connecting Plan, and answers to any of your questions.
  • One edit/re-write of your written profile and other supporting information.
  • Evaluation of your photo portfolio with specific recommendations for improvements.
  • Photoshop photo enhancement of up to 10 of your online photo. Please send in jpeg format.
  • On-going support to help you stay energized, productive, and successful at achieving new fulfilling love in your life.

Free bonus for you!!

When you sign up for this comprehensive Plan, I’ll email to you a PDF of my newly published, 124-page coaching companion guide book.

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