Your Unbounded Desire For Giving And Receiving More Love Is All You Need To Succeed At Online Dating!

In Our Partnership You Will Also Learn How To:

  • Maximize your “kissability” in your profile.
  • Develop an online presence that causes prospective lovers to lean into their computers and say,”Oh wow, look at this!”
  • Describe your self from your heart in words that provoke many more responses from the right kinds of people for you.
  • Meet the greatest number men or women in the shortest amount of time with excellent emotional efficiency.
  • Enjoy the benefits – more love – that you create as a result of your excellent determination.

In my Make It Happen Now! Personalized Connecting Plan I will teach you how to:

  • Identify and present your most important assets and desires;
  • Make a super alluring online presence that sets you apart from all of the boring, ho-humm crowd (your competition!), and
  • How to send out provocative messages that lead to the all-important first date.



With this innovative Plan you will get a copy of my new 124-page coaching companion book:

“How to Find Love Through Online Dating”

A Guide to Successful Internet Dating for Men and Women

​Its a comprehensive resource that supports your motivation leading to your dating successes.

I offer my fearless living coaching expertise to you because I know that most people do not have the knowledge and motivation to achieve new fulfilling love in a cost effective way online (time, money, and emotions). Right from the beginning you will come to appreciate that you must overcome your Overly Protective Ego (OPiE) and apply your God given inner power to assert yourself to success. Most people aren’t able to do this on their own.  Irrational fears, and the limiting beliefs that grow from them, get in the way all too often. Ask yourself, “Why didn’t I succeed?” (on just about anything!). Most likely you fell victim to an irrational fear like the fear of rejection or disapproval. So you sit back and “Wait to be discovered” rather than applying your “make it happen now” forward moving power. You aren’t aware of the inner power you have for making changes, so nothing happens. Then frustration sets in and you quit. Your energy is spent and no new love has come into your life.

Too bad! This didn’t have to happen to you!

That’s why I’m here. From me you’ll learn how to avoid the common mistake of “premature emotional attachment” that sabotages so many well-intended dating efforts by both men and women, be they e-Dating newbies or disenchanted online veterans. Then your self-confidence should zoom through the ceiling!

When you combine my proven methodology for online dating with my coaching empowerment of your carefully directed efforts, you’ll manifest success in love like you’ve never known before!

Welcome aboard! Let’s have fun and share more love!

Sincerely, Mark