Goal and Mission

My Goal is that my online dating coaching clients and Guide readers enjoy more new fulfilling love in their lives. My Mission as an online dating coach is to empower my coaching clients and readers to find greater personal satisfaction by meeting face-to-face with many new prospective friends and lovers.

Directly stated, its my opinion that too many profiles posted by both men and women are unsuccessful to to:

  • disorganized/uninspiring copy
  • poor quality photos
  • too often irrelevant
  • e-daters appeal is flat
  • follow-up communications not adequately sweetened with enthusiasm
  • expect to get out more than they put in

As a coach it is my goal that my motivated online dating clients, who really want to bring new love into their lives, enjoy a surge in online activity as a result of their unusually effective and successful e-Dating efforts. Every man and woman can achieve this by putting up a top-notch profile that demonstrates their alluring “kissability” while impressing the best potential partners with their WOW! factor.